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The Bee Roadzz Group

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The Bee Roadzz Group

In April 2016, Transition Marlborough hosted a film night and invited friends from Pewsey Environmental Action Team. We showed the 2009 film ‘The Vanishing of the Bees’ and somewhere in the film it mentioned the startling fact that honey bees will forage up to 7 miles from their hives to find food if necessary. This got us thinking… Marlborough and Pewsey are 7 miles apart – what if these two communities and the land that links us could all be better suited to bees and other pollinators, with suitable habitat for nesting and healthy forage available between February and November? We’ve got an A road between us, what about taking the Bee Road?We took a while to manifest that idea, but now we have are fast gathering contacts and interested people, the farmers of the Marlborough Downs Space for Nature project are on board and now Swindon, too, has a Pollinator Project that would like to see us joined up with them as well.

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