Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK

Bee Roadzz group

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Bees need your help.

Bees – and other pollinating insects – are critical for most of our fresh fruit and veg. With them, our food is colourful and nutritious.

So, alongside projects like Space for Nature, Buglife’s B-lines and organisations like Wiltshire Wildlife, we are joining fragile fragments of wildflower habitats around Marlborough and Pewsey, and connecting them to a Bee highway throughout Wiltshire and the rest of Britain!

Photo: Debbie Burch

What can you do?

Plant wildflowers and pollinator-friendly plants in your garden or land! See Devizes-based Meadow in My Garden for seeds.

Bonus points for flowers as early as February – this will feed hungry queen bees as they emerge from hibernation.

If you already have a pollinator-friendly garden or landscape, add yours to the B-Lines map

For ideas to develop your bee-friendly space, visit:

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Private garden owners or community garden managers, or organisations/businesses who have/want space for flowers, and people who want to be involved in the Bee Roadzz group, contact Milly Carmichael.

Farmers and landowners, visit Marlborough Downs Space for Nature and contact Jemma Batten at Black Sheep Countryside Management

And…enjoy your flowers, bees, butterflies, hoverflies…

Bumble bees on Sweet William, photo: Sara Wilman

Our four key project aims:

Raising awareness of bees and their predicament

Encouraging everyone to contribute, however they can, to join up the landscape by creating more pollinator-friendly forage and nesting habitat

Actively contributing to national insect monitoring schemes

Creating a replicable model of effective community-based response to the National Pollinator Strategy.